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 what is new on:   99 09 13
 due the termination of the tu-graz infoserver a lot of our old projects are lost for the moment, but we will try to reconstruct them.
so now on this server: the 1995 what's new page.
har ist now maintaining the tutorials and all xarch and hotspot logos are collected on a single page.
reini established the aug - autocad usergruppe graz, sir 2000 ist working on styrian soul supply and the architectural online magazine akcelerator 1 - 3 found his new home (note: content will autoreload within 5sec. after having choosen the articel).
also located on xarch are now institut fuer hochbau fuer architekten and the institut fuer staedtebau und umweltgestaltung (with a remarkable layout).
banale 0006 has written it's juryprotokoll, online: cam-Z . farmers manual . diplomfest 02.07.1999 and emmerers architektur epigenese v1.0
pelziq's electronic lounge, (take care, browser might crash) har beginnt mit java, halle im groszen + ganzen and metamorphosen.
richard dank: the tube, seminararbeit 'banco borges & irmão' and macgeweih.
organm', alfred's und martins hoere & lies, blois's javascripterror. ;-)
 what is new on:   99 05 06
 vorankuendigung on banale 0006 (29.mai.1999). with 1. grazer wohnbaukongress and real g2 livecam uebertragung.
nachruf: sokratis dimitriou.
 what is new on:   99 03 21
 az0 fruehlingsfest on 27.03. and reini's diagonale 99 wegweiser.
gernot's multilayered skins.
department for construction for architects: digitaler aushang.
lehrveranstaltungsanmeldung of the department for urban planning and environmental studies.
information about xarch: members, info short or long.
 what is new on:   99 03 08
 senfbox - beitraege zur studienreform.
new and updated personal homesites: pkinne, har.
 what is new on:   99 02 15
 reini's winterkino 99.
updated: akademie plus will broadcast live on 99 02 26.
last but not least: archived video of banale 96.
new and updated personal homesites: matwel, az zup.
 what is new on:   99 01 14
 flats 99 and plattform.erde started.
orf- oe1 sendereihe 'transparent' zu: oesterreichische architektur des 20. jahrhunderts in real- audio (local users only).
akademie plus - digitales und analoges diskussionsforum.
im rahmen der lehrveranstaltung home98 enstand das digitale gebaeude von proholz steiermark.
pelziq's updates: electronic lounge.
new and updated personal homesites: har, karli, brunn, user22, brosen, mmf, zedi, hschmied, wiener, emmerer, blois and kanitsch.
offsite: haus der architektur graz.
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